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Gaddafi won't release Palestinian doctor who 'spread HIV'

BBC, Gaddafi rejects release of medics:
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has rejected calls for the release of six foreign medics sentenced to death for infecting children with HIV/Aids.

Those who committed crimes must accept the consequences, he said.

Libya has been under increasing pressure because of international doubts over the fairness of the trial.

Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor have been tried and found guilty twice of deliberately infecting more than 400 children with HIV.

Colonel Gaddafi stressed the "the independence of the Libyan judicial system", and he rejected what he called "Western intervention and pressure in this affair".

The medics have been in detention since 1999, during which time 52 of the 426 infected children have died of Aids.
While Gaddafi's verdict is questionable due to the fact that he's an oppressive military dictator and terrorist, it's not hard to believe that a Palestinian doctor and the nurses under him could do such a thing. Especially considering Arab hatred for black Africans; Muslims, such as those in Sudan, have been known to infect black Africans deliberately with HIV via in gang rapes.

I'm still waiting for them all to hold hands and blame "The Jews."

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