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Ethiopia crushes Muslim Somalia

The last city controlled by Islamic warlords in Somalia fell to Ethiopian troops backing the legitimate Somali government. What a way to ring in the new year. BBC, Somali Islamic stronghold falls:
Somalia's Ethiopian-backed government says it controls the southern port city of Kismayo - which was the last stronghold of Islamist militiamen.

The Islamists retreated as the army, supported by Ethiopian aircraft, tanks and artillery advanced on the city.

The Somali prime minister urged the African Union to send peacekeepers and offered an amnesty to Islamic fighters.

The Islamists had swept through Somalia last year, and their retreat from Kismayo is seen as a major reversal.

Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Ghedi told AFP news agency: "Kismayo is already in the hands of the government. The Islamists have run away."

Happy New Year – this is yet another victory to add to Ethiopia's long history. Italian colonists couldn't take it, and neither could Islamic fascists.

'Ethiopia crushes Muslim Somalia' - what a stupid title. That shows what little you know. Somalia is 100% Muslim you fool. As suitable title would have been 'Ethiopia crushes Somalia's Islamists'. That is unless you are stating that Ethiopia has crushed the whole nation, which it has not. It has many friends in the nation including the TFG & Somaliland, which are of course, Muslim. The Islamists were not good for Somalia as they wanted to use an extreme form of Islam to rule Somalia which the people did not want.

What I am saying is get your facts and more specifically, your titles right. But a fact that is well known is the persecution of Ethiopian Jews in Israel. The way they are treated are worse than those of second class citizens. I dont care what you do the Arabs because I as an ethnic Somali despise the Arabs. I know that you are going to say that at least we 'imported' them into Israel. Yes you did. You helped them from persecution in Ethiopia only to be persecuted and enslaved in Israel. Shame on you.

No country is "100% Muslim." To claim such would be to claim that there isn't a single person of any other religion living in the country. How absurd.

Furthermore, to say that Ethiopia defeated "Islamists" but not "Muslim Somalia" is to use a manufactured term. "Islamists" are Muslims. They began a war against Ethiopia based on the Islamic concept of jihad. The real Somali government did not. This is because the real Somali government is not Islamic in nature, but secular in nature. It has Islamic influences, but it is not a pure product of Islam, like Somali warlords are.

Now if I had to guess, I would say that you are a Muslim too, Faisal. This is because only a Muslim could turn a conversation about Ethiopia and Somali into something about Israel. Muslims consistently attempt to shift the blame onto "The Jews."

When are you going to stop trying to shift the blame onto "The Jews" and deal with the issue of Islam destroying the world? Israel didn’t have anything to do with the conflict between Ethiopia and Muslim warlords. “The Jews” didn’t do it. Nothing in the blog post or article was about Israel or “The Jews.” Yet, half of your comment was about Israel, “The Jews.” Why is that?

[Answer: Because all Muslims are brainwashed to blame their problems on others, and Jews are the ethnic group most discriminated against in Islam.]

You may not think so but in truth it could be both, dont be blind enough not to say it wasn't the jews, and you can't blame everything on the jews it is a mixture in which no one has the resources but to try and guess. Asalamualaykum, i am a somali and hate dem ethopians hu stopped somalia being the first country (yes the first country) in the world to impose the shiria law.

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