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Reuters: Al Qaeda 'militants', not terrorists

With its policy of pseudo-neutrality, Reuters refused to refer to Al Qaeda members as terrorists. Instead, they're 'militants'. Reuters: Al Qaeda militant urges militants to keep up jihad:
DUBAI (Reuters) - A man believed to be a top al Qaeda militant who escaped from a U.S. airbase in Afghanistan last year said in a statement that the tide had turned against the West but urged Muslims to keep up their holy war.
Note the title. Not only are low-level members of al-Qaeda 'militants' according to Reuters, but high-ranking terrorist leaders are also 'militants'.

If you behead non-Muslim civilians Reuters won’t call you a terrorist. Somehow, by Reuters’ reasoning, beheading civilians is an act of ‘militancy’. Not terrorism, no way. Routine executions of homosexuals, something engaged in by all Islamic terrorist groups, are also acts of ‘militancy’. The liberal media must think that homosexuals are military targets (the left-wing is only for gay rights when they don’t conflict with liberal pro-Islamism). Likewise, keeping women in a virtual state of slavery, something practiced throughout the Muslim world, is also ‘militancy’. Just like those insidious gays, females are a clear military threat (the left-wing only supports female rights when they don’t conflict with Islam, too). Flying two airplanes into the center of a highly-populated city, with the sole intent of killing as many infidels as possible, is also an act of ‘militancy’ according to the liberal media. Remember, it’s not terrorism. Don’t you dare call it terrorism, or you’ll offend Muslims - Muslims who sympathize with the ‘militants’.

Every time a news agency engages in an absurd level of political correctness by referring to terrorists as ‘militants’ they implicitly give terrorism a legitimate military status. By doing this they equate groups like al-Qaeda and Hamas with legitimate militants. They equate terrorist attacks to military strikes. Attacks on civilian cities become morally equivalent to attacks on terrorist camps.

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