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Libya sentences Palestinian doctor for spreading HIV

On one hand we have Libya, a known state sponsor of terrorism. On the other hand we have a Palestinian, the vast majority of who support suicide attacks. It's difficult to tell what the real story is in this case. However, Libya came to a conclusion - a Palestinian doctor and four other medical staff is guilty of deliberately spreading the HIV virus to children. Reuters, Foreign medics sentenced to die in Libya case:

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - A Libyan court sentenced five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor to death on Tuesday for deliberately infecting hundreds of children with the virus that causes AIDS, provoking a chorus of Western condemnation.
It's ironic that a Palestinian has been found guilty of infecting people with the HIV virus considering the AIDS blood libel that exists in the Arab world. If you don't know, "The Jews" are blamed for inventing and spreading the HIV virus by Palestinians.

(Photo from Ouch! Snapped Shot: Palestinian doctor Ashraf Alhajouj speaks to the media as Bulgarian nurses Nasya Nenova (L) and Snezhana Dimitrova (R) wait for the verdict in a court in Tripoli December 19, 2006. (Rafael Marchante/Reuters))

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