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When gays attack

Homosexuals vandalized a Tel Aviv synagogue in response to protest over an upcoming Jerusalem gay pride parade. BBC, 'Gay attack' on Israel synagogue:
A Tel Aviv synagogue has been attacked and daubed with graffiti, apparently in response to religious Jewish attempts to ban a gay pride march in Jerusalem.

Ultra-orthodox Jews have opposed the march, scheduled for next week.

Windows in the synagogue were smashed and the walls were painted with the slogan: "If we can't march in Jerusalem you won't walk in Tel Aviv".

On Wednesday evening ultra-orthodox protesters clashed with police in a district of Jerusalem.
The Otter supports equality for people who choose to live a homosexual lifestyle, but this is too much. A gay pride parade in Jerusalem is blatantly insensitive and demonstrates how the homosexual community in Israel has no respect for the feelings of others. It would be like having a straight pride parade in San Francisco or a white pride parade in New Orleans. Only insensitive groups who are being deliberately provocative would do this. The Ku Klux Klan does this.

In Israel homosexuals have more rights than they do in the United States and most European countries. Homosexual couples have the same liberties as married couples and are recognized with common-law marriages. They can be openly gay in the military. Gay couples can adopt children. It's illegal to discriminate against homosexuals in the workforce. Foreign partners of homosexual Israelis can attain residency in Israel. Gay couples are officially recognized as families, and thus afforded the same financial rights as straight married couples. So why are homosexuals in Israel having gay pride parades?

Clearly it isn't an attempt to gain equal rights; they already have equal rights. Gay pride parades are in no way similar to the civil rights marches in the United States. Gays in Israel do it to force people to endorse their homosexuality. They don't even want people to just accept them; they want people to endorse them. This is why they consistently pick the most provocative places to hold gay pride parades, such as Jerusalem. It's an attempt to desensitize anti-gay sentiment.

If homosexuals were truly interested in gay rights, not gay social endorsement, they would protest the routine executions of homosexuals in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Lebanon. However, like most liberals they aren't interested in universal rights. They are interested in their own selfish, personal agendas. That's why they choose to march in front of the Western Wall dressed in lingerie and bondage attire (yes, they have done this) rather than stage rallies on the Egyptian, Jordanian, and Lebanese borders to denounce discrimination against homosexuals in Muslim countries.

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