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Vietnam charges US citizens with terrorism

Three US citizens were charged with terrorism in Vietnam. They'll likely undergo a mock trial and be imprisoned. What heinous crime did our brothers commit? Did they suicide bomb a bus? Plan to blow up a building? Did they poison water supplies or incite violence against ethnic groups?

No - all they did was broadcast anti-communist radio transmissions. BBC, US citizens on trial in Vietnam:
Three US citizens and four Vietnamese have gone on trial in Vietnam charged with terrorism.

The seven are accused of attempting to set up illegal transmitters to make anti-communist radio broadcasts inside the country.

The case may complicate ties with the US ahead of President George W Bush's visit to Vietnam next week and a Congressional vote on trade relations.

The trial in Ho Chi Minh City is expected to last no more than a day.

Extremists are working hard to water-down the description of terrorism.

In some nations one can't say anything against those in power. I think that is why I love America. We can still be critical without being thrown in jail.

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