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The Vatican addresses veils

The crusading Catholic regime has made another blasphemous remark toward the religion of peace. This time a Vatican representative requested that Muslims follow the law. Those infidels! Jihad on following the law! BBC, Vatican enters Muslim veil debate:
Cardinal Renato Martino said immigrants must respect the traditions, culture and religion of the nations they go to.

They ought to abide by local laws banning the wearing of certain types of Muslim veils, he added.

"It seems elementary to me and it is quite right that the authorities demand it," said Cardinal Martino, who heads the Vatican department dealing with migration issues.
The good Cardinal obviously didn't get the memo. He should know by now that Muslims don't follow laws; they believe they are above all secular and non-Muslim laws. The only law Muslims respect is Sharia, which includes wearing veils and subjecting non-Muslims to dhimmitude. And respecting other cultures, traditions, and religions? You can forget about that right now.

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