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Richards' Jewish Rant?

When I first heard about Michael Ricahrds' racist rant I was appalled. I thought to myself that Richards should know better because he is Jewish. Jews and African Americans have always had close social and political relationships. During times when both Jews and African Americans were discriminated against by WASPs in the United States, they aided one another. Jews assisted African Americans all throughout the civil rights movement. African American leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. denounced anti-Semitism and were avid supporters of Israel and Zionism.

Some African American groups have forgotten this, such as the Nation of Islam, with its vile anti-Semitism and support of terrorism. And as it turns out, although Michael Richards' played a Jew on TV, he may not be one in real life. JewishJournal.com stated that Richards isn't Jewish, but Catholic.

You might read this and think, "Hey, he could be Jewish and Catholic." In fact, he cannot. A Jewish person who believes in Jesus, or converts to any religion, renounces their Jewish heritage. In short, you can't believe in Jesus and be a Jew. Sure there are many people who claim to be Jewish believers in Jesus, but none are actually Jews. This is Jewish law.

On top of Michael Richards' Laugh Factory lynching, new allegations of anti-Semitism surfaced. TMZ reported that Carol Oschin and J.P. Fillet were witnesses to a similar rant where Richards attacked a Jewish audience member with, "You fucking Jew. You people are the cause of Jesus dying."

To confuse the situation further, Richards' new publisher Howard Rubenstein (is he Jewish?) stated that Michael Richards is in fact Jewish; the anti-Semitic rant was, according to Rubenstein, part of Richards' act:
"He is Jewish and he said, 'I'm absolutely not anti-Semitic,' " Rubenstein said. "He acknowledged that he said those things. He said that he was role-playing and playing a character. He said, 'There is no way I'm anti-Jewish.' "
So is he Jewish? Is he Catholic? The fact that he is an active Mason came up too. But does it really matter? There have been many Jewish anti-Semites, such as Dan Burros and Noam Chomsky. Racism and anti-Semitism are unacceptable for Catholics and Freemasons as well. No matter what religious or ethnic group the man belongs to, it's clear he needs help.

I agree that Richards needs help. As a Jewish believer in Jesus, I respectfully disagree with your assertation that one cannot be Jewish and believe in Jesus. I was born a Jew of a Jewish mother, and no law made by anyone -- Jewish or otherwise -- will change that.

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