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'Revolutionary' Iranian Aircraft

Like Germany under the National Socialists (Nazis) and fascist Italy under Mussolini, Iran loves to throw around the term revolutionary when describing its political groups (see Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps). However, Iranian aircraft are anything but revolutionary. BBC, Military plane crashes in Tehran:
An Iranian military plane has crashed while taking off from an airport in Tehran, killing elite troops.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards said in a statement that 36 people on board the Russian-built Antonov-74 had been killed - 30 soldiers and six crew.

Two soldiers survived and were being treated in hospital, it added.

The commander of the Revolutionary Guards suggested to a local news agency that there may have been foul play, but he gave no further details.
Good riddens! Apparently this type of thing isn't uncommon in Iran. In January, Revolutionary Guard commander Ahmed Kazemi was killed in a similar plane wreck. RTE News stated:
Air safety experts say Iran has a poor record, with a string of crashes in the past few decades - many involving Russian-made aircraft.

The last civilian plane disaster was in September and in January a military plane crashed, killing 11 people.
A United Arab Emirates publication called the Khaleej Times gave a chronology of similar crashes in Iran.

According to the BBC, the Revolutionary Guard commander said foul play was involved the latest crash. How much do you want to bet he blames the crash on "the Jews?" You got it, when those dastardly Jews aren't busy inventing HIV or harvesting Palestinian organs, they're tampering with Iranian airplanes.

The crash had nothing to do with the fact that it was an inferior Russian airplane. It must be the Jews!

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