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RAWA: Afghanistan worse for women after US invasion

RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, is a female rights group. Their site describes RAWA as, "The oldest political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan."

According to RAWA, the reality of life for Afghan women under Islam is not as positive as the Western media portrays it. In fact, they assert that conditions for women have worsened after the US removed the Taliban. YNet, Afghanistan Behind the burqas:
Activist with Afghani organization for women’s rights RAWA tells Ynet women’s situation in Afghanistan even worse than before American invasion: Rape, kidnapping, murder go unpunished. ‘Without western interference, 9/11 could happen again,’ warns Sahar Saab

“I know what they tell you in the West about the situation here,” Sahar Saab sighs despairingly. Saab, an activist with the women’s movement RAWA which operates almost underground in Afghanistan, adds, “They tell you women’s circumstances have improved greatly, but in reality there is no improvement. In the capital, Kabul, and in a few more cities, women even work in government offices, but their numbers are very few, and many dangers still ambush women in the cities. And in the suburbs? For their own safety, women continue to wear burqas. Almost daily, we hear of kidnappings, rape, murder, suicide and disappearance in areas still ruled by the Taliban or the Northern Alliance, and we know there are many more incidents not reported.”
Now the knee-jerk liberal response might be, "See, we made it worse! We must get out of the Middle East right now!" However, this isn't what RAWA advocates. RAWA supports Western action in Afghanistan, knowing that the presence of Western troops is the only hope the country has. Take that, moonbats.

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