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Palestinians break ceasefire

The ceasefire Palestinians practically begged for was broken within hours by Palestinian rocket fire. Reuters, Gaza truce violated after rocket attacks:

GAZA (Reuters) - Palestinian militants fired several rockets at Israel from Gaza on Sunday just hours after a ceasefire aimed at ending five months of bloodshed in the impoverished coastal strip took effect.

The truce, which has raised the possibility of moribund Middle East peacemaking being revived, is designed to end rocket attacks and halt a crushing Israeli army offensive in Gaza.

Islamic Jihad took responsibility for three of the rockets and Hamas took responsibility for the remaining two, proving that you can never trust a terrorist hudna.

UPDATE: Reuters changed the name of its story to Gaza truce violated by Palestinian rocket attacks.

UPDATE: Despite Hamas breaking the hudna that it requested and despite the fact that Israel was winning (like usual) in its Gaza operations, Israeli PM Olmert decided to forge ahead with the ceasefire anyway.

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