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Olmert, the Palestinian PM of Israel

Just hours before the Palestinians broke a ceasefire by launching rockets into Israeli civilian areas, Olmert pledged to release large amounts of Palestinian prisoners - even those serving serious sentences - in exchange for kidnapped Israeli Gilad Shalit. In addition, Olmert offered to give up tracts of Israeli land for what he called "real peace." Reuters, Olmert says ready to free Palestinian prisoners:

SDE BOKER, Israel (Reuters) - Israel is prepared to release many jailed Palestinians, including long-serving prisoners, in return for a soldier militants seized in June, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Monday.

In a major policy speech, Olmert said he was reaching out to the Palestinians for peace -- offering a series of humanitarian and economic incentives if violence against Israel ceased.

Within hours of Olmert's address, Palestinian militants in Gaza fired rockets into the Israeli border town of Sderot, despite a ceasefire declared on Sunday. There were no reports of casualties...

In his speech, Olmert repeated that he was willing to dismantle many of the settlements Israel has built in the West Bank, which it captured in the 1967 Middle East war, to get "real peace".

If you're thinking that Olmert isn't working for the interests of the Jewish State, but rather for the interests of Palestinian terrorists, you're right on target. Israeli MKs noticed this as well.

Yuval Steinitz said that Olmert ended, "Israel's tradition of fighting terror decisively." Zehava Gal-On asserted, "Olmert's statements are great, but his actions have failed." Zvi Hendel stated Olmert was "not ashamed to promise the enemy the expulsion of all settlers and creation of a terror state." Read more at YNet here.

Meanwhile, MK Uriel Ariel said Olmert "
is once against handing out gifts to terror organizations that are growing stronger." Right-winger Baruch Marzel simply called Olmert "a traitor and an idiot," then accused him of leading Israel into an "abyss."

Olmert continues to make serious mistakes in regards to the Palestinian problem. It isn't simply the right or the left accusing him of such. It's a unified cry from all points on the political spectrum. At this point the only ones who favor Olmert are his enemies, because they are able to exploit his weakness and incompetence.

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