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Kofi attacks climate, ignores Sudan

Kofi Annan plans to take on African climate change at a Nairobi summit. Climate change, of course, refers to warming of the African continent. It's unlikely he will address the political climate, such an increase in Islamism or the ongoing genocide in Sudan and Chad. It's unlikely because Kofi hasn't paid serious attention to the political climate at all.

If the climate improves, that's wonderful. However, it likely won't. And while Kofi is playing in Nairobi, millions will become the victims of genocide at the hands of Islamic death squads in Darfur. Kofi won't go down in history as a man who helped the environment, but will be remembered as a man who ignored mass murder. Just like Boutros Boutros-Ghali went down in history as the UN Secretary General who ignored the Rawandan genocide, Kofi Annan will go down in history as the UN Secretary General who ignored the Darfur genocide.

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