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Israeli general resigns

BBC, Israel general quits over Lebanon:
An Israeli general who commanded forces in the war against Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas has resigned.

Brig Gen Gal Hirsch was in charge of the unit whose soldiers were ambushed by Hezbollah men on 12 July, the incident that ignited the conflict.

Three soldiers were killed in the border attack, and another two were captured. They remain in captivity.

Gen Hirsch is the second high-profile military figure to lose his job over the 34-day Lebanon war.

Udi Adam, who headed the army's Northern Command, resigned in September, a month after the war ended in a UN-brokered ceasefire.

His departure was triggered by Hezbollah's firing of thousands of rockets into Israel during the war.

Last week, Doron Almog, a retired general who headed an army investigation into the 12 July incident, informed Gen Hirsch that he would recommend his dismissal.

According to Israel Radio, Gen Almog's report criticises Gen Hirsch's unit for not properly preparing its soldiers for the eventuality of a Hezbollah attack aiming to kidnap troops.
So it's a Rumsfeld-style resignation. Hirsch quit only due to pressure over a poor job.

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