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Hezbollah admits Iranian funding

Iran has previously denied funding Hezbollah or helping the terrorist group in any material way, stating that it only gives the group moral support. Despite this, the intelligence community has long known that Hezbollah does in fact receive weapons, training, and money from Iran to carry out terrorist attacks on Israel.

A leading Hezbollah official, Kassam Allaik, recently admitted that Iran is supplying Hezbollah with funds to carry out operations. BBC, Iran 'sending funds to Hezbollah':
A senior Hezbollah official has told the BBC that Iran is providing the group with money to help fund its reconstruction activities in Lebanon.

Kassam Allaik said Iran also had its own groups in Lebanon, rebuilding bridges, roads and mosques.

Lebanon's Finance Minister, Jihad Azour, also acknowledged that Iranian money is going directly to Hezbollah.

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