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Hamas takes mosque, uses human shields

On Friday an estimated 60 gunmen from the terrorist group Hamas barricaded themselves in a Gaza mosque. Israeli forces shot tear gas inside and tore down a wall to make the terrorists surrender, but Hamas had another trick up its sleeve - human shields.

Hamas broadcasted a plea for help on the radio that asked women to stand between the gunmen and the IDF. In response, hundreds of Palestinian women surrounded the mosque. Meanwhile, Hamas members disguised themselves as women to mix with the crowd. Shots were fired at Israeli troops from within the mob and the IDF responded, killing two. According to Hamas, all fugitive terrorists escaped. BBC, Gaza women killed in mosque siege:
Israeli military spokeswoman Avital Leibovich said: "Unfortunately, maybe one woman was killed - I don't know if it's by IDF or not. But our purpose is definitely not to hit the innocent ones."

"We saw crowds of women. Behind the women hid some of the militants. Some of them were even dressed up as women: we have footage," she said.

"Unfortunately because the militants shot at our forces, sometimes we had to respond."

At least two men disguised in women's clothes were seen being embraced by jubilant bystanders as the women rushed away from the mosque, the Associated Press reported.

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