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Gay marriage recognized in Israel

The Israeli High Court stated that homosexual marriages will be recognized in the State of Israel. The only catch - you must get married outside of Israel first. YNet, Gays married abroad to be registered as married:
High Court judges rule that homosexual couples married abroad will be registered as married couples in population registry. Six judges vote in favor of decision, only one opposes

Precedent: For the first time in Israel , homosexual couples will be registered as married in the population registry, High Court judges ruled Tuesday morning after accepting a petition filed by gay couples married abroad.

The petition was approved by six judges. Only Justice Elyakim Rubinstein opposed.
As a heterosexual, gay marriage is not an issue of high priority for me. I stress homosexual issues because they highlight Israel's commitment to basic human rights in contrast to Israel's Islamic neighbors. Ironically, liberals who claim they support gay rights consistently take the side of Islamic oppressors of homosexuals over the tolerant Jewish State.

This proves gay rights are a gimmick issue for the left; the left is not really serious about homosexual marriage or equality. The left is serious, however, about its one-sided hatred of Israel and support for Islamic fascism. Remember, the Nazi party was a left-wing, liberal movement too - the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

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