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Darfur Muslims murder babies

The continued genocide of blacks in Darfur at the hands of Islamic Janjaweed raiders claimed the lives of 63 victims during the last week, at least 27 of whom were under 12 years of age, according to African forces.

Janjaweed militias attack villages and civilians, not military targets. They are proxies of the Sudanese government used to ethnically cleanse the area of non-Muslims, non-Arabs, and black Africans. BBC, Darfur militias 'kill children':
Militias backing Sudan's government have killed at least 63 people in attacks in Darfur in the past week, African peacekeepers say.

At least 27 of the victims are thought to be children under the age of 12.

The attacks were carried on camps for the displaced in the rebel stronghold of Jebel Moon, in West Darfur.

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