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YouTube Censors Pro-Israel Videos

YouTube is censoring a number of pro-Israel videos, including The Jawa Report's "Rocket Ride," a video exposing the Red Cross Ambulance Hoax.

Background Info: Lebanese Red Cross workers birthed a hoax claiming that Israeli missiles were fired upon a Red Cross ambulance. This was done by taking home videos of a previously damaged Red Cross ambulance and then claiming the damage was from Israeli fire. Lebanese Red Cross workers also feigned injuries from the faux attack. Full coverage of the hoax can be found at Zombietime and HonestReporting.

Don't be shocked. The Red Cross has an old tradition of anti-Semitism, including its refusal to allow the Israeli Magen David Adom into its ranks and its refusal to allow a Star of David to be one of its symbols. This is despite the fact that the Red Cross allowed the Christian Red Cross, the Muslim Red Crescent, and the Iranian Red Lion and Sun to be Red Cross symbols.

The Jawa Report and Little Green Footballs covered the rash of anti-Semitic, pro-terrorism censorship by YouTube. LGF readers alerted us to a number of pro-Israel videos that were canned. Meanwhile, YouTube continued to allow videos in English and Arabic that glorified acts of terrorism and promoted terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. While Rocket Ride was banned on YouTube, thanks to Google it can be viewed here. "All Your Fakes," another video exposing Arab media hoaxes, can be viewed at The Jawa Report here.

Again, don't be shocked. The Anti-Defamation League noted that YouTube has been involved in at least one other anti-Semitic incident. In this case, YouTube allowed a violently anti-Semitic neo-Nazi video to be uploaded.

It would be one thing if YouTube allowed all material - anti-Semitic or pro-Israel - to remain. That's called freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech. But YouTube is actively censoring pro-Israel material while promoting anti-Semitic material. YouTube is a private venture and has every legal right to do this, but the agenda and bias of YouTube is crystal clear.

Big credit to The Jawa Report and Little Green Footballs for coverage and media.

Terror-Free Oil's YouTube account has been hijacked by a "peaceful" Islamist. The account page claims that Islam is peace and all terrorism is perpetrated by the Jews. That's not real news; we all know how peaceful Islamonazis feel.
What is interesting is that multiple phone calls, emails and faxes sent to YouTube about the situation have gone unanswered. Is it possible that YouTube itself is behind the hijacking of the account? This idea may seem a little far-fetched until you consider two things:
- the chances of a hijacker to figure out a password
- YouTube's history of keeping Jihadi videos and banning anything that could offend the Jihadis.
So, since YouTube has more Jihadi videos than al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya, al-Manar & CNN combined, we think it is plausible that YouTube is behind the hijacking. Etheir that or their security isn't worth much.

Latest development: vile rhetoric on the hijacked page has been toned down a little. Does this have anything to do with multiple emails/faxes/calls to YouTube?

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