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U.S. Revokes Citizenship of Nazi

According to the Jerusalem Post, a federal judge revoked the citizenship of a Nazi concentration camp guard named Anton Geiser.

A former Nazi death camp guard had his American citizenship revoked by a federal judge on Friday, but his attorneys said they plan to appeal.

The Justice Department had wanted Anton Geiser deported, saying he hid his membership in the battalion that guarded Sachsenhausen, a camp near Berlin where thousands were executed or died from starvation, disease and medical experiments.

It serves him right. Not only should his U.S. citizenship be revoked, but he should be deported to a country that will prosecute him for his crimes. Israel will do. Likewise, people who advocate violent anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism in the United States deserve to have their citizenship revoked. At Sachsenhausen 30,000-35,000 Jews were executed. Executions by hanging and firing squad occurred every day. Yet Anton Geiser claims that he only saw one person executed during his time as a guard:

According to a deposition, Geiser said he saw only one prisoner harmed at Sachsenhausen - one who stepped out of line and was shot by other guards.

"I thought to myself, 'We all have bad days, some days are maybe not as good. So that poor soul maybe had something he couldn't take no more,"' Geiser said, according to the deposition. "I did not like it then and I hate it today, but there's nothing I could do. If I could do anything, I maybe be shot myself."

Geiser told federal officials that he was drafted into the German military. He denied harming prisoners even though he said he had orders to shoot prisoners who tried to escape, according to the documents.

Liar liar, pants on fire! He would have to be dumb, deaf, and blind to not see the daily executions at Sachsenhausen. This is a type of Holocaust denial - those who committed the Holocaust in Germany continue to deny that they took part in it or knew about it. This reminds me of the myth that most German people did not know about the Holocaust.

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