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Turkish man hijacks plane to seek asylum from Pope

Hakan Ekinci, a Turkish convert to Christianity, hijacked an airliner and flew it to Italy. He was attempting to get the attention of Pope Benedict for asylum from Turkey. Why? He didn't want to serve in a Muslim army. Reuters reports:
"Dear Pope, I am Hakan Ekinci. I am a Christian and I never want to serve a Muslim army. I wish you to help me as the spiritual leader of the Christian world."
In many ways it's sad. Because he is a Christian he would be discriminated against in a Muslim country. Even in Turkey, one of the more liberal Muslim states, Hakan would have faced persecution, albeit to a small degree. As a Christian, his compulsory military service would have been especially tough as he without a doubt would face challenges from his Muslim peers.

It also says something about the collective mentality of people from Muslim cultures. Even a man who wanted to seek asylum from the Pope and avoid military service resorted to violence to achieve his goals. Not even a Muslim man, but a Christian. This is because Muslim values, in this case the value of force and violence, have been instilled in Hakan simply by growing up in a Muslim culture.

Hakan's story is similar to that of Nadim Injahz, a Palestinian. Nadim Injahz was an informant for Israel and was afraid if he remained in the West Bank he would be executed by Palestinian terrorists. So what did he do? He broke into the British Embassy in Tel Aviv, armed with a fake gun, and demanded asylum in the United Kingdom. Even though Nadim was a collaborator with Israel, even though he did his part in fighting against Palestinian terror, he was influenced by a violent Muslim culture and thus acted out violently. You can read the whole story at YNet here.

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