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Terrorists kill man in Lebanese camp

When people hear about Palestinian refugees they are led to believe the refugees are in Israeli camps or that the refugee problem is the result of Israeli occupation. Muslim propaganda would like you to believe that, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Palestinian refugee problem was born when Jordan and Egypt jointly attacked and annexed the land set aside for a Palestinian state in 1948. Palestinian, Jordanian, and Egyptian leaders called on Palestinians to evacuate. When they fled to Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria they were not granted citizenship and kept in refugee camps. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees are kept in refugee camps in Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon today. They are not allowed to become citizens of those countries, nor are they allowed to leave the camps and return to the Occupied Territories.

The reason Arab states keep Palestinian refugees in camps is to use them as political and military pawns. Refugee camps in Arab states are nothing more than terrorist training grounds and recruiting centers. The camps breed terrorists which in turn serve as proxy soldiers for Arab host states. Refugees also serve as pro-liberal, anti-Israel propaganda. Israel gets blamed for the refugee problem despite the fact it was born of Arab aggression and despite the fact most Palestinian refugees are trapped and indoctrinated in Arab countries.

Lebanon and Jordan both have a population shortage and share the same ethnicity with Palestinians. Yet they refuse to allow the Palestinians in their camps to become citizens. If they let them become citizens, Palestinian refugees could not be used as an excuse to justify Arab aggression against Israel. The fact that the refugee problem is used to justify violence against Israel is well-known and admitted by Muslims able to give a critical analysis of Arab and Islamic culture, such as Salman Rushdie.

The liberal media loves to libel the Jew while fostering the image of the poor, oppressed Palestinian. The media never reports on the daily murders, rapes, and terrorist acts within the Palestinian refugee camps in Arab countries. Somehow those are less newsworthy than when an Israeli soldier kills a Palestinian terrorist. In short, it's big news when a Jew kills an Arab terrorist, but it's not news when Arab terrorists kill other Arabs.

And then, once in a while, you'll get a glimpse of life within a refugee camp in Lebanon or Jordan. Jerusalem Post, Man killed in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon:

A Lebanese man was killed Saturday by a stray bullet at the Ein el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon, security officials said.

A scuffle between rival factions in the camp - the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Jund al-Sham, an Islamic group backed by Syria - escalated into a shootout, the officials said on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to speak to the media.

Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a 25-year-old Lebanese man with no ties to either group, was severely wounded by a stray bullet, they said. He died later at a hospital, they added.

Ein el-Hilweh, with a population of 75,000, is the largest of Lebanon's 12 Palestinian refugee camps. Nearly all Palestinian guerrilla groups have offices in the camp, where clashes and vendetta killings are frequent.

This is an Associated Press story, not one developed by The Jerusalem Post. Any number of media sources could choose to run it. The BBC could run it, Reuters could run it, the Associated Press could even run in on their own site. Yet no liberal paper will run the story! It's because it doesn't fit the libel of the wicked Jew oppressing the poor, innocent Palestinian. It gives insight into the way things really are - Arabs are killing each other daily, innocent Palestinians are dying at the hands of Palestinian terrorists, and Palestinian oppression occurs at the hands of Arabs unlike anything seen from Jews in Israel.

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