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Sudan supports Islamic death squads

If you don't know about the genocide in Darfur it may be because the mainstream media and the international community have done nothing to highlight it. The media is too busy demonizing Israel and the UN is corrupt and dominated by the Arab League.

Darfur in a nutshell: Sudan is run by Islamic warlords who back Arab Islamic "Janjaweed," or "Horse and Gun," death squads. These death squads target non-Arab and non-Muslim black Africans. They kill entire villages and gang-rape women, facilitating the spread of HIV in Africa.
It's classical Islamic genocide with victims in the millions.

The first question people ask - why? Why is the world allowing this to happen? Why isn't the media giving it the attention it deserves? The answer - Islam. As stated above, Sudan is controlled by Islamic warlords. These warlords refuse to allow foreign troops onto their soil. The reason Sudan refuses to allow foreign troops is because soldiers would fight the Islamic death squads. Remember, the death squads are sanctioned by the Sudanese government. They are warlord proxies. Sudan doesn't want them killed off.

The UN can't make a strong move against Islamic genocide in Sudan because the UN is dominated by the Arab League and other Islamic countries. Needless to say, Islamic countries support the Islamic warlords and the death squads.

The media doesn't condemn the genocide in Darfur because it offends Muslim readers who side with the death squads. The BBC, for example, has a policy of not printing stories that offend it's Muslim readers. Thus, while the Janjaweed are death squads by definition, they are rendered as "militias" in liberal news sources. And only when a rare story decides to surface. Here is an example.

BBC, Sudan 'backs' Janjaweed fighters:
The Janjaweed militia in Darfur are fighting with direct support and orders from Sudan's government, a man claiming to be a former member has told the BBC.
In liberal, pro-Islamic newspeak "death squads" become "fighters" and "militias." Note that the term "genocide" also never occurs in the BBC article, while the article asserts twice Khartoum claims to not have any links to the 'militias'. No matter what the story is the liberal media manages to spin it in a pro-Islamic way.

Ot, but looks like I shall be adding your blog to my reading list. Of course the name caught my attention right away- despite the name that will be listed, I usually post as Otter, and have actually worked with them in the past. Blogger just decided to attach my posts to a blog I no longer use and don't even have access to...

I've been needing to find a blog that covers what you do. I shall be paying attention!

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