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Somali Islamist regime threatens to attack Ethiopia

According to the Somali Garowe News an Islamic court in the Hiran region of Somalia has threatened to attack Ethiopia if Ethiopian troops cross the border "illegally."
A regional Islamic court in Hiran region threatened to wage war against Ethiopia if Ethiopian troops illegally cross into Somalia.

Sheikh Abdurahman "Abu Salman" Mohamed, an Islamist militia commander
in Hiran region, said the time for Ethiopian soldiers to enter and leave Somali soil was now "over," adding that Islamist militia now control areas Ethiopian troops used to enter.

Abu Salman said the Islamist militia has "no fear" of the Ethiopian military and their Somali warlord militia allies, and promised to militarily engage the Ethiopians if they crossed into Hiran region.

The Mogadishu-based Islamist movement that has spread throughout central and southern Somalia is vehemently opposed to foreign military intervention and considers Ethiopia "the enemy of the Somali people."
Ethiopia has a rich and vibrant history distinct from that of neighboring African states. It maintained full independence while the rest of Africa was subjected to colonial rule, save a brief period at the hands of Mussolini in World War 2. Much of the famine in Ethiopia today is due to Mussolini's extensive use of poison gasses on farmlands. As the home of Ethiopian Orthodoxy, it is one of the oldest Christian states and one of the first to embrace Christianity as the official religion. It narrowly hangs on to a Christian majority. The progressive Emperor Haile Selassie led the country from 1930 to 1974, until he was deposed by a socialist regime. Today Ethiopia has free elections, but reflects the corruption typical of Third World countries.

Without a doubt Ethiopia is distinct from her Islamist neighbors in a number of ways. Which is of course why Ethiopia is considered, as the article states, an "enemy of the Somali people." In reality it is only a perceived enemy to the Islamic extremist leaders who fear everything different, free, and Western. The Somali people might prefer to live in Ethiopia, where they aren't at the constant whim of vile Islamic warlords.

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