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Self-hating Ha'aretz defends Islamic oppression of women

Bradley Burston of the far-left Ha'aretz newspaper wrote an article asserting that there was a 'new inquisition' on Muslims in Europe and the Western world. The Otter sums it up like this: Poor innocent Muslims are being oppressed in the West by being asked to remove the ski masks and beekeeper suits. The horror!

The article doesn't mention the fact that virtually all Islamic women are coerced into wearing veils by a violent, chauvinistic culture. It doesn't mention the fact that Muslim veils and coverings hinder daily life and social relationships. Burston didn't discuss the fact that Muslims react violently to even the most innocent questioning of their religion. Even when he quoted Conservative Party member David Davis, who said that veils divide society like voluntary apartheid, he failed to address the divisiveness of wearing veils.

Of course the clincher of his article was this statement; "Scarves don't explode. Veils do not kill. The niqab does not incite."

Islam 'explodes'. Islam kills. Islam incites. Veils, niquabs, burkas, chadors, and other Islamic coverings are the trappings of Islam. By endorsing them on any level you endorse terrorism. You endorse suicide bombing, oppression of women, and apartheid. It's almost certain we will see Muslim riots due to the current veil row.
Did Burston forget about the dozens killed due to Muhammad cartoons and vague Papal comments? When innocent people are killed by violent Muslims frothing over the veil, will Bradley Burston still be able to say veils don't kill?

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