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SA newspaper bans Jewish journalists

Paula Slier is a Jewish South African and a journalist. She worked for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) covering the Middle East until she was fired - for being Jewish. The SABC came out and flatly told her that they took a pro-Palestinian stance and that they did not want any Jews covering the Middle East. YNet, Reporter blacklisted 'for being Jewish':
A Jewish South African reporter has been 'banned' by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) from providing news coverage from the Middle East, after her managing director said he did not want a "white Jewish girl" covering the region, the reporter told Ynetnews.

"I was a reporter and newsreader, and Snuki Zikalala was head of TV and radio news, so he was my line manager. He was not that great to work with," Paula Slier, the reporter, told Ynetnews.

In 2004, Slier went to Ramallah to cover Arafat's illness. While in the West Bank, Slier said she was informed that the SABC had "received a directive: 'No more reports from Paula.'"

"I tried to find out why they were not using my work anymore, and I was told by a senior manager in SABC, which obviously I can't name, that Zikalala said they don't want a white Jewish girl reporting from Ramallah, though the implication was from the whole of the Middle East," Slier said.

After it emerged that SABC's blacklist included a range of sources, including some critical of the South African government, SABC launched an investigation of itself.

"When the investigation came out, Zikalala told the inquiry: 'From the movement I come from, we support the PLO.' And then he went on to call what was happening in the Middle East a 'Jewish war,' and then he said: We know Paula, we know the position which she holds," Slier said, quoting from the investigation.

Clearly anti-Semitic and biased to say the least. It would be reasonable to expect the Jewish reporter who was discriminated against to be outraged. Yet this isn't the stance she took. In true self-hating, Chomskyesque style, she made excuses for the SABC's anti-Semitic policies:
"The thing is, in South Africa, I've been heavily criticized by the Jewish community for being pro-Palestinian. So he makes the inference that because I'm Jewish, I would automatically support what would be happening in Israel," Slier added...

Slier told Ynetnews she did not feel the directive to blacklist her was anti-Semitic.

"For me personally I do think there is a difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment. Many in the Jewish community in South Africa fear that if many people start spreading anti-Israel sentiment, it will cause deeper anti-Semitism. But that's not the view I have. I often find that people do have the right to criticize Israel," Slier said.

"I don't have any experience of anti-Semitism at the SABC, and I worked there for quite a few years. He (Zikalala) has a particular anti-Israel view. What is worrying is that this guy now, as head of SABC, is taking his own personal view, and imposing it on the SABC," she added.

The same old line - "A difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment."

Paula Slier missed the issue. They didn't fire her for being an Israeli (because she isn't an Israeli). They didn't fire her for being pro-Israeli (because she's pro-Palestinian). They didn't fire her for being Zionist (she's anti-Zionist). They fired her for one reason alone - she was Jewish.

She missed it because she's a brainwashed, self-hating lapdog. Instead of embracing her Jewish heritage and a strong moral compass she pandered to the idiotarians. She rejected Israel and supported terrorists thinking it would win her the acceptance of the press. She was that naive. No matter how much she fought against the Jewish people, her own people, it wouldn't make Zikalala forget she was Jewish. Even after being blatantly discriminated against for being Jewish she still tried to make excuses on behalf of the SABC.

There is a strong message here for all Jews - the left will never accept you. No matter how much you hate Israel you won't be accepted among the Israel-hating left. It's because you're Jewish. It's because, contrary to the claims of the anti-Semites, most criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. Anti-Semitism is oft disguised as criticism of Zionism and criticism of Israel. Like Martin Luther King Jr. said in a 1968 Harvard speech (not to be confused with the disputed Letter to an anti-Zionist Friend), "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews; you are talking anti-Semitism."

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