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Rice panders to terrorists

The Bush administration is "tough on terror?" Think again. The bumbling Bushies sent Condoleezza Rice to kiss terrorist ass at a Palestinian dinner. While the Bush administration would love to appear tough on terrorism, Rice's anti-Israel statements say otherwise. YNet, Rice says US wants end to Palestinian 'humiliation':
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Wednesday the United States would work hard to create a Palestinian state free of the "daily humiliation" of Israeli occupation.

Speaking at a dinner hosted by Palestinian-Americans, Rice said she was committed to the goal of a Palestinian state where the people lived in peace alongside Israel as proposed under the stalled US-sponsored Road Map for Middle East peace.

"The Palestinian people deserve a better life, a life that is rooted in liberty, democracy, uncompromised by violence and terrorism, unburdened by corruption and misrule and forever free of the daily humiliation of occupation," she told a dinner organized by the American Task Force on Palestine.

"I believe there could be no greater legacy for America than to help bring into being a Palestinian state for people who have suffered too long, have been humiliated too long," added Rice, whose government is accused by Arab states of siding with Israel in the conflict.

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