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Religion of Peace intimidates to silence

The British Commission for Racial Equality discouraged debate regarding the Muslim veil issue, stating that it could trigger riots and violence. Jerusalem Post, UK watchdog: Muslim veil debate could spark riots:

The heated debate over veils that cover the faces of some British Muslim women is growing ugly and could trigger riots, the head of Britain's race relations watchdog warned Sunday.

Britons are becoming increasingly polarized along racial and religious lines, and if they don't talk respectfully about their differences, bad feeling will mount and could fuel unrest, Commission for Racial Equality chairman Trevor Phillips wrote in The Sunday Times newspaper.

An angry debate "is the last thing Britain needs," wrote Phillips, whose commission is an independent, government-funded body created by law in 1976 and charged with fighting discrimination and encouraging good race relations.

"This could be the trigger for the grim spiral that produced riots in the north of England five years ago. Only this time the conflict would be much worse. We need to chill," he wrote.

It's a real shame that the Western world is capitulating to Islamic scare tactics. The fact is that an angry debate is exactly what we need. The world needs to put its foot down and let Muslims know that we can debate and discuss any issue that we want. Including Islamic veils or Muhammad (Pork and Beans Upon Him). If Muslims want to riot, let them. Let them get their heads split open by the business end of a bobby's baton.

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