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President of Syria: "Perhaps war" with Israel

The President of Syria, Bashar Assad, extended a six month time frame to Israel for peace negotiations and stated that war with Israel is an option if peace is not found. Jerusalem Post, Assad gives Israel 6 months for peace negotiations:

Syrian president Bashar Assad continued to give clashing messages to the international community with an announcement that he was ready to negotiate with Israel. In an interview with Spanish newspaper El-Pais on Saturday, the president said it would take six months to reach an agreement with Israel. If a peace agreement would not be reached, he added, war would break out.

"Two sides are responsible for the current situation (with Israel) - not just one side. The situation is based on one topic only, the peace process... and perhaps war if no peace is established," Assad said.

Most 'peace processes' between Israel and its neighbors have been Arab propaganda ploys. It works like this; an Arab nation calls for peace negotiations and then extends unreasonable offers and refuses to compromise. When Israel rejects the unreasonable offers (as it must), the Arab state can then lean upon the failed negotiations when it accuses Israel of not wanting peace. Then it uses that as an excuse to justify terrorist attacks and war. Assad is simply laying the groundwork for further conflict and terror.

A prime example of how Arab leaders have done this in the past would be Arafat's rejectionist policy. When Israel offered Arafat a full and contiguous Palestinian state consisting of 97% of the occupied territories, Arafat rejected it and refused to make a counter offer. Even numerous Arab leaders urged Arafat to accept the proposal. Among them were Egyptian President Honsi Mubarak, Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, Moroccan King King Mohammed IV, and Jordanian King Abdullah II. But Arafat's desire for terror and conflict was greater than his desire for a Palestinian state, so he pulled out the old Arab rejectionism. Arab leadership then spun propaganda to make Israel look bad in the eyes of the Arab masses, and Israel was subsequently blamed in the Arab world for the failure of a peace settlement. This, I fear, is what will occur with the faux Syrian peace offering.

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