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Palestinian on Palestinian Terrorism

In response to the recent battles over unpaid government wages between the Fatah and Hamas terrorist groups Hamas responded by shutting down government jobs. Hamas closes government offices:
The Palestinian government says work will cease in all government offices a day after its headquarters in Ramallah were stormed by protesters.


The statement does not say when work will be resumed or what steps may be taken to keep the government running.

Instead of government workers being unpaid for their work, Hamas found a solution - simply get rid of their jobs! The article also stated that so far eight people have died and sixty have been wounded. This is a perfect example of how the Palestinians have no regard for one another as living human beings. We all know that Palestinians have no regard for the lives of Jews and Americans, but many are not aware that they don't value the lives of other Palestinians that much more.

The article only mentions in passing the blatant disregard for Palestinian life by other Palestinians, but if we look at casualty statistics from the Institute for Counter-Terrorism between 2000 and 2005 in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza it confirms it.
  • 406 out of 3179 Palestinians killed were killed by other Palestinians.
And while we're doing Israeli-Palestinian conflict statistics lets look at some other facts the mainstream media doesn't tell you while they're busy trying to demonize Israel:
  • Out of the 2773 Palestinians killed by Israel, 2080 were terrorists. This means that the majority (75%) of Palestinians killed by Israel were terrorists rather than civilians. The statistics here are contrary to the common media portrayal of Israel routinely killing civilians. They also testify to Israel's use of legal and proportionate response under international law.
  • Contrast this to 764 out of 1010 Israelis killed by Palestinians being civilians. A whopping 75.6% of all Israelis killed by Palestinians were civilians. Palestinians actually murder a higher percentage of Israeli civilians than the percentage of Palestinian terrorists killed by Israel.
  • It doesn't stop there. Out of the 1099 Palestinian civilians killed by Israel only 103 were women. Whereas out of the 764 Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians 306 were female. That's 40%! The huge disparity between female civilian casualties is due to the fact that Palestinians deliberately target civilian domestic areas, such as supermarkets, whereas Israel does not.
The same claim is made repeatedly by anti-Semitic 'human rights' groups such as Human Rights Watch - Israel has killed more civilians in the conflict. This is a lie by omission. While Israel has killed more civilians, Palestinians have killed a higher percentage of civilians, including a higher percentage of their own Arab population as well as a higher percentage of women. The only reason Israel has killed a higher total number of civilians is because it has killed fourteen times (yes, check the statistics) as many combatants as Palestinians have. The civilian casualties caused by the Israeli side are thus proportional, and legal under international law (as well as justifiable under most ethical systems), whereas the Palestinian tactics are not.

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