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On dinosaurs, vampires, ghosts, and rubber balls

In a move sure to anger young-Earth creationists and fundamentalist Christians alike, FOX News reported that mass extinctions, such as the disappearance of the dinosaurs, may be the result of multiple factors rather than one grand event (such as a meteor). FOX News did not comment on the possibility that Old Scratch put dinosaur fossils in the ground to trick Bible-believing Christians. This caused many of America's faithful to tear their clothes, don sackcloth, and cover themselves in ashes.

Likely to further incite Biblical literalists; FOX News reported that there is no scientific basis for ghosts and vampires. Between hinting at evilution and denying the reality of ghosts and demons despite their Biblical basis (1 Samuel 28:7-19, Matthew 8:16), FOX has become the true heretic's news source.

ABC News reported that a 100 million-year-old bee was found stuck in amber. Godless, demon-worshipping scientists say it's the oldest bee ever found. Bible-thumping, Jesus-jacking Christians know the Earth is no older than 6000 years, of course.

On a more serious note, a Delaware man made a 3,300-pound rubber ball.

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