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Nazis march on German jail

BBC, Neo-Nazis gather for Berlin march:
More than 1,200 neo-Nazis from across Europe are due to march on Berlin's Tegel Prison to demand the release of a jailed singer.

German neo-Nazi Michael Regener, aka "Lunikoff", is in jail for three years after a court ruled his band Landser was spreading racial hatred.

In March 2005, a German court rejected an appeal by Regener to have his sentence repealed.

Germany has strict laws against promoting Nazism or using Nazi symbols.

Three years ago, a Berlin court found Landser - meaning "foot soldiers" - guilty of spreading hatred of Jewish people and foreigners in Germany.
Idiotarians defend neo-Nazi groups under the guise of free speech. However, hate speech should not be protected. Not in Europe and not in the Untied States. It's illegal to walk into a crowded movie theater and shout 'fire' because it can result in damage, injury, and death. So why shouldn't it be illegal to hold extremist neo-Nazi rallies? Or advocate the murder of Jews in song lyrics? Those also cause damage, injury, and death.

We don't allow terrorist groups to congregate and spread propaganda so we shouldn't allow neo-Nazis; it's a movement tantamount to terrorism.


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