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Muslims in Prague threaten to execute Jews, attack synagogues during Jewish holiday

The Jewish community in Prague is rattled after the discovery of a Muslim plot to kidnap, hostage, and execute Jews. YNet, Prague Jews prepare for Sukkot under heavy security:

Tensions are running high among members of the Jewish community in Prague on the eve of the Sukkot holiday, this following the publication of the report on an Islamic extremists’ plot to kidnap dozens of Jews in Prague and hold them hostage before murdering them.

“Unfortunately, the Jewish communities in Europe are used to threats and actions as well,” said Rabbi Manis Barash, head of the Chabad center in Prague. “Now it has reached us.”

The Czech Republic's leading newspaper Mlada Fronta Dnes quoted unidentified sources close to intelligence agencies as saying the captives would have been held in a Prague synagogue while the captors made broad demands that they knew could not be fulfilled.

When those demands - which were not specified by the sources - were not met, the extremists would blow up the building, killing all who were inside, the paper added. The paper, which gave other few details, did not say whether any arrests were made and did not specify the identities of the extremists.

The target, according to the report, was the Great Synagogue in the Czech capital

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