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Muslim psychologist: "Learn from the example of the Jews"

Wafa Sultan, a Syrian-born Muslim psychologist, condemned Islam for teaching violence and intolerance. In her YNet interview she said she had, "32 years stolen from me by fanatical Islam." And by fanatical Islam, Sultan may have meant simply Islam; she rejects the belief in 'moderate Islam' and stated that Islam is inherently violent. Despite the vicious anti-Semitism of Islam and the Arab world, Sultan's solution for Muslim reform is for Arabs to follow the Jewish example. YNet, Wafa Sultan: I know they want to kill me:
Wafa Sultan, who fled Syria for Los Angeles in 1989, has become the psychologist of the Muslim world. During her now famous debate with an Islamic cleric on al-Jazeera in March 2006, Sultan publicly criticized Islam and called for a serious transformation. She charged that the clash between Islam and the West was a clash between Islam, who is stuck in the 14th century, and the modern 21st century world.
In a special interview with Ynet, Dr. Sultan described her life in Syria as 32 years lived in fear, “32 years stolen from me by fanatic Islam.”

In the March TV debate, Sultan called on Muslims to learn from the example of the Jews, who endured the tragedy of the Holocaust and forced the world to respect them for their knowledge and not by terrorism.

“By their hard work – not with crying and shrieking,” she said. “Only Muslims defend their religion by burning churches, killing people and bombing embassies. The Muslims need to ask themselves what they can do for the human race before they demand the human race to respect them,” she added.

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