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Muslim psychologist condemns Islam for violence, prison-mentality

Wafa Sultan is an Arab, a Muslim, and a psychologist. According to her, Islam is a religion with a prison mentality that teaches violence and needs serious reform. You can see her interview on Danish TV here or read the YNet excerpts:

Islam in its modern state is a prison for Muslims worldwide, Syrian-American psychologist Wafa Sultan told Danish TV channel DR2 in an interview last week.

"We as Muslim people have been hostages of our own belief system for too many centuries. We have been hostages of our own prison. We have never heard other voices outside of our box. We are not used to hearing other voices. We barely are allowed to hear our own voices," Sultan said.

Sultan also had a few things to say about Islam, human rights, and the clash of civilizations therein:
During her now famous debate with an Islamic cleric on al-Jazeera in March 2006, Sultan said the clash between the West and Islam was "a clash between human rights, on the one hand, and the violation of these rights, on other hand. It is a clash between those who treat women like beasts, and those who treat them like human beings."
Wafa Sultan believes that the Muhammad cartoons were a step toward Islamic reform and progress. She said there were no negative aspects to the cartoons and condemned the Muslim world for its reaction :

Addressing the cartoons published in a Danish newspaper of Islam's prophet, Muhammad, sparking worldwide unrest, Sultan told DR2: "Publishing the cartoons was the first crack in the walls of our prison. Because as a prisoner it's almost impossible to break the wall of your prison. You need someone outside of your prison to help you break in it."

"We need to teach them (in the Muslim world) how to listen to other people's opinions, even if they don't like what they hear," Sultan said.

Asked about the cartoon's "negative aspects," Sultan replied: "I don't see any negative. Publishing the cartoons again and again will push Muslims to take deeper look at their religion. And this is the only way to improve our culture, to improve and our religion... So many people criticize Christianity, Judaism, and who cares? So why not Islam."

Sultan went on to state that Islam is not just a religion, but a political system that teaches violence and attempts to convert by the sword:

"I believe, you know, that the problem with Islam, is deeply routed in its teachings. Islam is not only a religion. Islam is also a political ideology that preaches violence, and applies its agenda by force. I have never criticized the religious part of Islam. I respect the religious part of Islam as much as I respect any religion. But I believe that we have to take the political part of Islam and confine it as a religion to worship places and at homes. This is the only solution," said Sultan.
But what about moderate Muslims? Sultan said there are none. According to her, Islam is inherently extremist:

Asked about moderates in Arab countries, Sultan replied: "I believe, wrongfully they were called moderates. I don't believe there are moderate Muslims. Because in Islam you have to believe in every teaching as a holy teaching you cannot change, you have to accept it the way it is, because otherwise simply you are not a Muslim.
So can Islam be reformed? Can the West live with Islam? Sultan:

Asked if Islam had a role to play in the modern world, Sultan said: "I'm going to say it directly… I don't believe Islam can be reformed, I really don't. I believe Islam shall be transferred, and it will take fearless religious leaders and very well educated people to cause that transformation. If Islam was transferred absolutely, it will have a role to play."

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