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More MSM Misinformation

When seven Palestinian terrorists were shot and killed by the IDF on Monday, both the BBC and Reuters chose to take reports from Palestinians over those from the IDF. Reuters, of course, relied upon its favorite Muslim journalist, Nidal al-Mughrabi. As a Muslim and a Palestinian there is a clear conflict of interest with al-Mughrabi reporting on Israeli affairs. Not to mention his long history of biased, anti-Israel reporting and involvement with Palestinian groups. More information on Nidal al-Mughrabi here, here, and here.

The real story, by Jerusalem Post. IDF troops kill seven Palestinian gunmen in northern Gaza:

IDF troops operating the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanun on Monday shot and killed seven Palestinian gunmen and wounded 14, Palestinian hospital officials said.

The IDF said it was operating against Palestinian operatives on a mission to launch Kassam rockets at southern Israel, and that several armed men were hit. Palestinian security said the troops opened fire on a group of Palestinians.

What did Mr. al-Mughrabi of Reuters report? Israel kills seven in Gaza battle: Palestinian officials:

GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli forces killed seven Palestinians, including at least three gunmen, and wounded about 20 people in fighting in the Gaza Strip on Monday, Palestinian officials said.
It must be a Palestinian magic trick! It went down from seven terrorists to three. Then again, look at where al-Mughrabi got his information - "Palestinian officials."

And the Beeb, Seven dead in 'Israeli Gaza raid':
Seven Palestinians including a senior militant figure have been killed in clashes with Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian officials said.
It went down from seven, to three, to one. A prime example of the bias in the BBC and MSM. And, yet again, we see the Beeb relying on these mysterious "Palestinian officials." For those who aren't aware, the only officials in Palestinian areas are members of terrorist groups such as Fatah and Hamas.

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