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Leading Venezuelan politician says Chavez "forging ties" with terrorists

If it wasn't obvious already by Chavez' endorsement of Noam Chomsky, his close friendship with the president of Iran, and his membership in the anti-American Non-Aligned Movement it has now been confirmed by Venezuelan politicians - Hugo Chavez supports terrorism. Manuel Rosales, the opposition leader in Venezuela, confirmed that Hugo Chavez employed a wanted terrorist from the Basque ETA. That Chavez employed a wanted foreign terrorist in the agriculture ministry should come as no shock considering that he also outsourced hundreds of top-level government jobs to foreign nationals, the majority of who are from Cuba. Jerusalem Post & Associated Press, Opposition says Chavez is flirting with terrorists:

Venezuela's leading opposition candidate accused President Hugo Chavez on Monday of flirting with terrorist groups and dismissed his rival's suggestions he was behind an alleged assassination plot.

"It's not right that we have a terrorist in the government," Manuel Rosales told a news conference, citing reports that a fugitive member of the Basque separatist group ETA is working for the Venezuelan government. "We shouldn't be forging ties with groups that are identified with terrorism."

Last week, Spanish Justice Minister Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar said authorities were looking into media reports that Arturo Cubillas - a former ETA militant - has been working at Venezuela's agriculture ministry since October 2005.

Venezuelan officials have not publicly addressed the issue, but Chavez has rejected previous accusations that he sympathizes with terrorist groups and has strongly condemned terrorist attacks in Spain, the United States and elsewhere.

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