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Jordan convicts terrorists

Jordan and Egypt are the only two Muslim countries that recognize Israel. As a result, Jordan and Egypt are sometimes targeted by Muslim terrorists who are even more extreme than the Jordan and Egyptian governments (imagine that). Anwar Sadat was assassinated in 1981, due in part to his negotiations with Israel.

While Jordan and Egypt are not friendly toward Jews, the United States, or Israel in any meaningful way, they are better than places like Iran, Lebanon, or Syria. Every once in a while you hear about terrorists being caught, killed, or convicted in Jordan and Egypt. Never do you hear about terrorists being tried and convicted in places like Iran or Afghanistan; those Islamic states allow terrorists to take refuge. So when Arab states do catch terrorists every once in a while it's a good thing. Jerusalem Post, Jordan: 8 convicted of plotting to kill Israelis:

A Jordanian military court convicted eight terror suspects Wednesday of plotting to kill US troops in Iraq and Americans and Israelis in Jordan.

The court handed down sentences of between two and 10 years' imprisonment.

While it's great that terrorists were caught and convicted, take note of their sentences. In the United States this would almost certainly warrant more than 2 years imprisonment. Jordan let the terrorists off pretty damn light.

Yet another example of how 'moderate' Muslims, even those who recognize Israel, are sympathetic to terrorism and violence against the West.

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