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Indonesian Muslims stab Christian

Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country, is liberal compared to Middle Eastern standards. Even so, there are countless acts of terror and violence against non-Muslim minorities in Indonesia. The Bali bombing is a prime example. This time a Christian man was dragged off of a bus by a Muslim mob and stabbed. Indonesian police didn't capture anyone. Christian Post, Muslim mob stabs Christian in Indonesia as tensions rise:
POSO, Indonesia (AP) – Religious tensions are continuing to rise in Indonesia's central Sulawesi province.
Witnesses say a group of Muslims in the town of Poso dragged a Christian man from a bus and stabbed him Sunday. The attackers fled after police arrived at the scene.

The town was a main battleground when conflicts between Muslims and Christians flared between 1998 and 2002.

Tensions were reignited by the executions of three Roman Catholic militants last week. The men had been convicted of leading a militia that carried out a series of attacks in 2000, including an assault on an Islamic school that left at least 70 dead.

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