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How Israel Warns Civilians

We all know of how Israel dropped fliers days in advance during the Second Lebanon War, warning Lebanese civilians to evacuate. We also know how Nasrallah and Hezbollah prevented Lebanese civilians from evacuating, so they could be used as human shields. Here is an interesting excerpt from TIME that describes the way Israel warns targets in Gaza and the West Bank before military action. Time, Gaza, No Doves in Sight:
The Palestinians in Gaza have come to dread the phone ringing at midnight. Too often a stranger's voice, in flawless Arabic, will say, "I'm from the Israel Defense Forces. This is a warning. We're going to bomb your house in 15 minutes. Leave and tell your neighbors." Usually the Israeli intelligence is accurate—Gaza seethes with Palestinian informers—and the bombs, dropped by an F-16 fighter circling this narrow coastal strip on the Mediterranean, will destroy a hideout, weapons cache or hidden tunnel.
Take that to heart, liberals and anti-Semites. There are few situations in modern warfare outside of Israel where military targets are warned ahead of time. It's a perfect example of human rights coming before security. A perfect example of the lengths Israel will go to protect innocent life. What stops Palestinians from evacuating terrorists held up inside, explosive material, chemicals, or weapons after being warned of an imminent strike? That is a question oft asked of Aharon Barak. Yet, time after time, Barak has ruled that Israel must sacrifice security for human rights and the safety of civilians.

Barak's policies are certainly questionable. They have been criticized for softness and putting Israel at risk. In many ways, they are far softer than US and UK military standards. Despite this, Israel is still singled out and vilified. This understandable and accounted to the plague of liberals, terrorist sympathizers, and anti-Semites in the world.

No fair, objective, and honest person can condemn Israel's positive human rights record.

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