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Hezbollah's cluster bombs

Human Rights Watch, a notoriously anti-Semitic "human rights" group, made a startling move on Thursday by admitting Hezbollah used cluster bombs to attack Israeli civilian centers. This is quite a switch from its normal routine of accusing Israel of war crimes while ignoring Islamic terrorism.

Even more interesting than HRW's Bizarro world declaration was the way the mainstream media handled it. Have a look at the headlines:
Reuters, Hezbollah fired cluster rockets at Israel: Report
A surprisingly fair title from Reuters, a news source also notorious for its anti-Semitic reporters and photoshopped anti-Israel propaganda. Here's a funny quote from the Reuters article; "We are disturbed to discover that not only Israel but also Hezbollah used cluster munitions in their recent conflict, at a time when many countries are turning away from this kind of weapon precisely because of its impact on civilians," said Steve Goose of Human Right Watch in the report."

Steve Goose is "disturbed to discover" that a violent global terrorist group used cluster rockets to attack civilians. Yes, truly shocking indeed. Who would have EVER thought a terrorist group would do such a thing? It's truly a disturbing discovery.

Let's look at two BBC articles reporting on HRW's statements:
Hezbollah accused of cluster use

Lebanon mines 'continue to kill'
Even Reuters asserted that Hezbollah did in fact use cluster bombs. However, the BBC refused to acknowledge it. The BBC would rather print that Hezbollah was only accused of such a thing. The second article is also about HRW's condemnation of Hezbollah, yet reading the title alone it sound's like a condemnation of landmines in Lebanon. Only after you read it does it explain that no landmines were actually used. It's an emotional euphemism for unexploded ordinances.

While the BBC refused to state that Hezbollah actually used cluster bombs, it had no problem saying Israel did with articles such as, "UN denounces Israel cluster bombs," and, "US probes Israel cluster bomb use."

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