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Hezbollah kills sea turtles

The Second Lebanon War forced wildlife conservationists to evacuate the beaches. Sea turtle nests were left vulnerable and unprotected. Hezbollah used the beaches to launch rockets, compounding the peril of the turtles. Then the nests were ravaged by an increased number of predators, such as dogs and foxes, driven from the countryside by anti-terrorist airstrikes. Out of approximately five thousand sea turtles that made it to the ocean, only five will survive to reproduce. The poor, endangered infidel turtles are yet another victim of Islamic terrorism. MSNBC, Lebanon war still impacting sea turtles:
MANSOURI, Lebanon - Ghost crabs scuttle along an empty beach in south Lebanon, but other predators have already eaten the last green turtle hatchlings of the season -- foxes driven from the hills by Israeli-Hezbollah fighting.

The foxes left their prints in the sand by the despoiled nest, strewn with the white shells the hatchlings had clambered from to start their doomed trek to the sea a few metros away.

“This is a massacre,” lamented Mona Khalil, who has run a turtle conservation project on the Mediterranean beach since 2000 with Habiba Syed...

...Khalil said they had seen Hezbollah fighters on the beach in the first two days of the war, but the guerrillas had left when asked. However, they fired rockets at Israel from a nearby property, which led to the bombing of the neighbor's house.

The nesting turtles were oblivious to the strife.

And yes, it is Hezbollah's fault. Hezbollah started the war and Hezbollah used the beaches to launch rockets. Hezbollah is an illegal terrorist group responsible for the murders of countless Jewish and Arab civilians. Now Hezbollah has the blood of thousands of innocent turtles on it's grubby hands.

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