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German court frees Nazi

Jerusalem Post, German court orders Danish-born ex-Nazi freed:

A German court ordered an 84-year-old former member of the Nazi SS wanted in Denmark for the assassination of a journalist during World War II released from custody pending a ruling on his extradition, a court official said Thursday.

"The reason for the release is a criminal court decision that there is no danger he will flee," said Margarete Noetzel, spokeswoman of the Bavarian State Court. "He is not allowed to leave Germany."

Police, acting on a European arrest warrant issued by Denmark, detained Soeren Kam, a Danish-born German citizen, at his home in the Bavarian town of Kempten on Sept. 20.

The Munich court will rule on whether he can be extradited, but it isn't clear when the decision will be taken, said Noetzel.

Kam and several others are accused of shooting to death Danish newspaper editor Carl Henrik Clemmensen in Lyngby, a suburb of the Danish capital Copenhagen.

The statement this makes is that Germany is soft on war crimes. There are currently hundreds of elderly ex-Nazis who are on the lam all over the world. Why do they think he won't attempt to leave Germany?

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