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Further Reuters distortion

In a Saturday raid in Gaza, Israeli forces exchanged fire with Palestinian terrorists. One terrorist was killed.

However, Reuters reported that one 50 year old civilian was killed in the exchange on fire. Reuters' report was based upon Palestinian resident and hospital claims. And we all know how reliable Palestinian sources are (cough, Pallywood, cough). The headline for Reuters was, Israeli forces kill Palestinian in Gaza raid. Here is a short excerpt (highlights mine):

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli forces killed a Palestinian civilian during a raid in southern Gaza on Saturday, hospital officials and residents said, as the army pressed on with a four-month-old offensive against militants.

An Israeli army spokesman said troops clashed with militants during an operation near the Sufa Crossing in the southern Gaza Strip, adding one gunman was hit. He had no further details.

Hospital officials said the dead civilian was a man aged 50. Residents said he was shot and killed by soldiers.

So it appears that a trusty Islamic Reuters reporter, Nidal al-Mughrabi, decided to take the word of Palestinian residents over the official military report. Let's see what the IDF really had to say. Jerusalem Post, Palestinian killed in Gaza was a gunman:
In response to Palestinian reports that the IDF had killed a 50-year-old Palestinian civilian during operations in the Gaza Strip early Saturday, the IDF confirmed it was operating the area, but said it had killed a gunman during an exchange of fire with Palestinian terror operatives.
So it turns out that the only person killed was a gunman. Reuters, you've been caught lying again. We would have expected some reform after the fake photos, the pandering to terrorists, and the physical violence against Israeli troops. Shame on you Reuters. And shame on Nidal al-Mughrabi.

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