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FBI short on Arabic speakers; Arabs fail security checks

The vast majority of terrorists are Arabs. Thus, the FBI is in dire need of agents who speak Arabic. However, the FBI only has 33 people who speak Arabic and none of those agents work in anti-terrorism units. The FBI has a huge shortage of Arabic speakers, despite attempts to actively recruit them, because Arabic-speaking people often fail security checks. YNet, FBI fights terror - but can't speak Arabic:
Five years after the mass terror attacks on the United States which prompted America’s sweeping war on terror, only 33 federal agents speak Arabic, according to new information given by the FBI and published by the Washington Post. Further, none of those 33 agents work in the international terror investigations departments.

The agency is indeed recruiting translators and linguists, but applicants fluent in foreign languages, especially Middle Eastern languages, usually don’t make it past the stringent background security checks.
The reason they don't pass background checks is because they are primarily from the Middle East and have ties to Arab communities. Recall the terrorism statistics for Middle Eastern countries and you'll understand. A majority of Muslims in the Middle East have ties to terrorists and support terrorism. When an Arabic-speaking person applies for the FBI they are most likely Muslim and Middle Eastern. Therefore, they are most likely to fail background checks due to close ties with terrorism. Verily, this is what the FBI told us in this article. Keep in mind the fact that Islamic terrorists have attempted to infiltrate intelligence agencies in the past. A portion of Arabic-speaking people attempting to join the FBI are likely in the same position - trying to be a double agent for a terrorist group.

This goes back to the 'most Muslims are moderates' myth. So few Muslims are, in fact, 'moderate', the FBI can't find people who speak Arabic and pass background checks.

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