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Dubai Muslims Enslave Children

Homosexual sex slavery has always been common in the Islamic world. While a horrifying act, it isn't surprising to find that the entire ruling family of Dubai is being sued for enslaving thousands of young boys. Dubai has a long history of involvement in the sex slave trade. Today human trafficking is at its peak in Muslim countries. BBC News, Dubai rulers reject slavery case:
Dubai's ruling family says a legal case filed against it in the United States for allegedly enslaving thousands of young camel jockeys is baseless.

The allegations come in a class action filed in Miami by lawyers representing six unidentified parents and thousands of unnamed children.

It accuses Dubai's ruler, his brother Hamdan and 500 others of being involved in trafficking and enslaving children.

The ruling family says it has banned child jockeys and overhauled the sport.

The legal case accuses Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, his brother, Sheikh Hamdan and 500 others of being involved in trafficking and enslaving young children from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and Mauritania.

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