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Condi makes Israel less secure

Pressure on Israel by Condoleezza Rice to allow Palestinians with US citizenship to remain illegally in Gaza and the West Bank may be making Israel less secure. By now most Americans who aren't complete idiots know about homegrown terrorists, the fifth column made up of radical Muslims bred in mosques right on our home soil. Frequently these are US-born Arabs who are raised in Arab communities with close ties to the Middle East. As a result they travel to and from places such as Palestine, exporting and importing terrorist resources.

Despite the existential threat to both Israel and the United States, Condoleezza Rice objected to Israel's legal right to deport illegal aliens living in the West Bank and Gaza. Washington Times, U.S. hits Israeli expulsion policy:
RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Israel may be forced to reverse a policy of expelling Palestinians with U.S. citizenship from the West Bank and Gaza Strip after a vigorous protest from the United States.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has objected to the policy, which could drive tens of thousands of foreign passport holders from their homes in the Palestinian territories.

The territories are home to about 35,000 U.S. citizens of Palestinian descent, many of whom returned during the mid-1990s after the Oslo peace accord, and have since married and started families.

They have been unable to become permanent residents because Israel, which controls access to the territories, has refused to grant them residency. Although most have made do with tourist visas, Israel recently stopped issuing them, forcing Palestinians with foreign passports to leave immediately or stay illegally at risk of expulsion.

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