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Censorship in Italy

Another example of how the European press is not free. Italian MPs managed to get a comedy show canceled that lampooned them for drug usage. Telegraph, Outraged Italian MPs black out TV programme showing they take drugs:

A satirical television show claiming that one in three Italian MPs uses drugs was taken off the air last night.

Le Iene, or The Hyenas, tricked 50 randomly-selected MPs into giving samples during bogus television interviews about Italy's budget. Producers swabbed their foreheads and reassured them that it was to stop them looking sweaty on camera.

The samples revealed that 12 of the 32 MPs tested had smoked cannabis and four had snorted cocaine. The revelation of the stunt in yesterday's newspapers caused uproar among MPs, who quickly blocked the programme, which had intended to open its new series on Silvio Berlusconi's Mediaset network with the scoop...

...Surveys show that nearly a third of young Italians regularly smoke cannabis. There is also a long history of the country's politicians being prosecuted for the use of drugs.

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