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Castro Dying of Cancer

So says US intelligence. TIME, Castro is reported to have cancer:
U.S. officials tell TIME that many in the U.S. government are now convinced that Castro, 80, has terminal cancer and will never return to power. "Certainly we have heard this, that this guy has terminal cancer," said one U.S. official.
His death could be the first step to US-Cuban relations. Three major factors will be US policy, Raul Castro, and Venezuela. A good start would be dropping the embargo so the US can lure Cuba into lucrative trading, thus marginalizing Venezuela. Raul Castro appears to want reform, a push toward free elections, and capitalism. But if after Fidel's death the United States continues to treat Cuba like an evil little island then there is no chance for any improvement.

And let's not jump the gun. Fidel may not have cancer and may not be dying. This could just be wishful thinking on the part of US intelligence. It wouldn't be the first time.

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