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Belafonte: Bush is a terrorist

Harry Belafonte, the "King of Calypso," accused George W. Bush of being a terrorist. This isn't the first time he's made such statements. Belafonte previously equated the American government with al-Qaeda and 9/11, stating, "What is the difference between that terrorist and other terrorists?" Though I'm no fan of the Bush administration I deplore comparisons of the United States to terrorism. This demonstrates a moral equivalency that doesn't distinguish wrong from right, good from evil, or innocent from guilty.

It's a shame too. I have fond memories of listening to his music growing up. And who doesn't love Belafonte's version of Day-O, the Banana Boat Song? The Otter will have to add Belafonte to his list of once-loved performers. Belafonte can sit right next to the Jew-hating Mel Gibson and the Chavez-loving Danny Glover.
I wish I could turn a blind eye and let his remarks slide, but they are just too extreme. I understand that he, as a black man, is interested in civil rights for black people. But asserting that the United States is committing terrorist attacks against black citizens is extreme and absurd. Doesn't he know that Muslims are killing non-Muslim black Africans by the millions? It's Muslims killing black men in the Sudan and Somalia, not the United States. Doesn't he know that Muslims are just as responsible for the slave trade as Europeans? I'll never understand why black people side with Islam when it was Muslims who captured black Africans and sold them to white Europeans. For the life of me I can never fathom why black people join the Nation of Islam, a racist Islamic group in the United States, when the only reason they are in the United States is because Muslims kidnapped and sold their ancestors to slave traders.

In fact, there are many times Belafonte has demonstrated reverse racism and anti-American hatred. Belafonte led the delegation with Danny Glover that supported Hugo Chavez in Harlem. He gave weight to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, claiming Hitler's Third Reich was composed of high-ranking Jews. And he referred to black people working for the United States government, specifically Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice, as "house niggers."

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